Kangen Water

Turns Tap Water into Vivid and Revitalizing Water

Acqua Kangen

A Simple Gesture for Authentic and Sustainable Well-Being.

Discover how to turn tap water into an elixir of vitality with our advanced technology. Each sip promotes natural well-being, pH balance, and a healthy, environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Join our journey to a return to basics.

Kangen Water

If you want wellness and an eco-sustainable lifestyle, you've come to the right place.

Explore the Kangen water revolution-the solution that allows you to achieve the perfect balance of health and environmental friendliness. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, every drop of water turns into a powerful ally for your well-being, helping to purify your body, improve your health, and significantly reduce detergent use. With Kangen water, you adopt a lifestyle that not only benefits you but also the planet. Join us and start your journey toward healthier and more responsible living today

Natural Antioxidant

Turns household water into a powerful antioxidant. Rich in molecular hydrogen, it fights oxidative stress while protecting every cell.

Alkaline Balance

Each sip maintains your body's perfect pH balance, which is essential for optimal health.

Verified Antioxidant Quality

With a negative ORP, it confirms its superiority in counteracting the effects of oxidizing water.

Acqua Kangen

Your New Beginning with Kangen Water

Are you ready to revolutionize your daily life with a simple yet profound gesture? Click on the link to WhatsApp to contact us directly and learn how Kangen water can transform not only your cooking, but also the personal care and cleaning of your home. Start your journey today toward an existence enriched by well-being and sustainability. Join us and discover how superior water quality can be at the heart of healthy, clean and environmentally friendly living. From moisturizing to cleansing, every drop of Kangen water carries the promise of tangible improvement in the care of you and your home environment. Explore with us how to transform every aspect of your daily life into an ode to wellness and sustainability.

The Essence of Life

The human body is more than 70 percent water, making it clear that "the basis of vitality and long life is water." We have superior quality water that is safe to promote wellness and beauty, as well as being ideal for cleaning and use in the kitchen.

Benefici Acqua Kangen Ristorante La Scala

Miraculous PH: Health, Beauty and Cleanliness

Discover the incredible variety of waters transformed by the power of pH, each with unique properties to meet health, beauty, cooking and hygiene needs. From electrolytically reduced water, ideal for healthy drinking and food preparation, to strongly acidic water for exceptional cleaning, these special waters change the game. Each type of water, adapted to its specific pH level, offers targeted solutions for body wellness, skin care, deep cleansing, and even plant care. Immerse yourself in the science of transformed water and let every drop help improve your daily life.

Strong Water

Not potable, but excellent for hygiene: it cleans deeply due to its strong cleaning power. Effective solvent, conducts heat well. Ideal for preparing and cleaning food.

Kangen Water

Ideal for healthy eating and cooking: electrolytically reduced, hydrogen-enriched water promotes an alkaline body, which is essential for health. Perfect for drinking, cooking, coffee, tea, soups, stews and plants.

Clean Water

Chlorine-free, rust-free, turbidity-free: Neutral, potable water, good for infant food and medicines. It ensures safety and purity in daily use, supporting the health of the whole family.

Beauty Water

Slightly acidic, non-potable water enhances your beauty routine with astringent and invigorating effects. Ideal for skin care, hair care, pets, food freezing and cleaning.

Strong Acidic Water

Strongly acidic, non-potable water with superior detergent properties. Perfect for cleaning kitchen utensils, countertops and other surfaces, it ensures unparalleled hygiene and shine.

Since I started using Kangen water in my daily routine, I have noticed significant and positive changes in my overall health and well-being. My energy has increased, I feel more hydrated throughout the day, and I have even noticed a reduction in skin irritations that used to plague me regularly. But what struck me most was the decrease in the use of detergents in the home. By using Kangen water for cleaning, I am not only helping to reduce pollution but also saving money. It was a simple change that had a profound impact on my life and the environment. I highly recommend anyone to try it and see for themselves the benefits. It is a decision you will not regret!

Marco P., Milan

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