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"La Scala" offers an ideal setting for any kind of celebration or professional meeting, guaranteeing impeccable service and fine cuisine that can turn any event into a memorable occasion. Discover our dedicated offerings and let our experience and passion make your event unique.

Prepared with Love straight from the Sea.


of Our Guests


Excellent quality raw material, service always attentive to the customer and never intrusive, fabulous dishes. Highly recommended for an upscale seafood dinner

Alberto S.

The excellence of the kitchen.....ambient soft and furnished with great class......stunning kitchen

Angela L.

excellent restaurant, I think the best I've eaten at in Abano. excellent wines and very fresh fish,main course the spaghetti cacio e pepe and prawns lightly salted,it's a dish that I really like so I ask for more attention on this,sublime dessert and excellent service ,all moto courteous. we will return

Elena D.

Our Signature Dishes

Lobster Catalan style

with shellfish

Disegno di pesce accostato a una fotografia del Plateau Royal, un ricco assortimento di frutti di mare freschi servito al Ristorante La Scala, che esprime l'eccellenza e la varietà del menù di mare.

Plateau Royal

8 Brittany oysters, 8 langoustines, 8 red shrimps

Chowder La Scala

Acqua Kangen

Water: The Heart of Our Cuisine

Where Purity and Sustainability
They Meet on Your Plate

Quality and Eco-Sustainability

At La Scala Restaurant, we believe that the essence of an excellent dining experience begins with the purest element: water. We use only filtered but ionized, alkaline, microstructured water that is bioavailable to our bodies through a process that enhances its qualities, ensuring not only uniquely flavored dishes but also eco-sustainable practices. This special water is the basis for everything we prepare-from cooking food to making drinks, ensuring that every taste reflects our commitment to the well-being of our guests and the planet.

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